MĀSK Unfiltered Skin Soothing Balm Cleanser

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This non-CBD balm cleanser reveals soft, smooth, nourished skin. Unfiltered Skin Soothing Cleanser gently yet effectively melts away makeup, dirt, and excess oil to reveal skin’s unaltered radiance.

A harmonious blend of Quillaja Saponaira Extract and Jojoba Oil—which mimics our skin’s own sebum—form the base of this organic formula, working in conjunction to cleanse skin without disrupting its delicate barrier function.

Best suitable skin types for this balm:

Fragile, sensitive skin: this skin type will enjoy the moisturizing lather that when rinsed away, it leaves the skin undisrupted, smooth and protected.

Oily skin: this skin type will love this as a pre cleanse to their foam based cleanser as a way to break down oils on the skin, while also offering beautiful aromatherapy and a calming touch.

Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil and Tamanu Oil, revered for their healing properties, deliver essential fatty acids while encouraging cell turnover and elasticity. Skin appears brighter from powerful Broccoli and Grapefruit Extracts.

Oils of Rose and Palmarosa transport the senses and open the heart, all while nourishing skin to tranquility.

Self acceptance begins here. 

Wash hands and put almond size amount of cleanser into palms. For best result and usage, massage it into a DRY face. Make circle movements on face and neck for about 45 seconds. Wash gently off with a damp cloth, and double cleanse if needed. Apply MĀSK serum and finish with moisturizer/SPF.

Jojoba Oil,Quillaja Saponaria Extract,Almond Oil, Broccoli Extract, Sea BuckthornSeed Oil, Tamanu, Grapefruit Extract, Rose Oil, Palmarosa