faceLITE LED Mask

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faceLITE USA is a clinically proven treatment used to increase skin hydration and firmness, while reducing signs of aging. After just one session, your skin will feel plumper, more hydrated and rejuvenated! Our LED Facial Mask is an easy to use, portable, non-invasive treatment, which requires no downtime.

The faceLITE USA phototherapy face mask uses optimized red and infrared skin boosting technology which penetrates deep into the skin, stimulates both collagen and elastin production and improves blood flow. It fights aging, wrinkles, redness and skin imperfections.

The Benefits:

Anti-aging: To stimulate collagen and increase elastin within the skin, which in turn will reduce fine lines and wrinkles. We recommend a course of 3 to 5 treatments for 4 to 6 weeks.

Preventative - delay the signs of aging: With aging starting as early as the age of 20, it’s never too early to start with a preventative skin care regime. Use alongside your existing skin care regime to ensure a healthy, younger looking skin.

One off treatments / special occasions: Achieve the best skin for that special occasion! faceLITE can leave you with brighter, plumper looking skin after just one treatment. It also helps makeup to be applied more easily with a smoother and brighter complexion.