Don't Stress About Summer Skin!

How to keep your skin clear in the summer heat & sun.

Even the most diligent Glowy B*tch Skin Goddess can't escape the impact of heat, sun, and summer fun!  But don't worry because almost all skin care treatments and products are designed to protect, prevent, and treat sun damage if used correctly!  Check out my guide to treating your summer skin at home.

Sunscreen clogging

Yes, this is real, and some sunscreens are worse than others at contributing to this.  The extra sweat and additional layers of sunscreen are bound to get under your skin, literally.  One way to release and remove the sunscreen from your skin is to double cleanse at the end of the day.  One skin-loving method is to use an oil cleanser followed by a foaming cleanser. ISDIN's Essential Cleansing Oil and SkinBetter Science Oxygen Infusion Wash is my favorite combination.  Double cleansing with your usual foaming cleanser is totally acceptable if you don't have an oil cleanser.  Face Reaily Ultra Gentle Cleanser is a foaming cleanser that's excellent for a double cleanse and won't leave your skin feeling stripped.   It's essential to wash your face thoroughly and not rush this part.  Focus on feeling your fingers massaging into your skin and releasing the product from the skin.  After you cleanse, a toner is an excellent way to ensure all residue of the day's products is off the skin while infusing the skin with extra moisture or exfoliation, depending on which toner you use.  I love Elta MD Skin Recovery Essence Toner for restoring balance to the skin, infusing the skin with minerals while also ensuring the skin is thoroughly clean.


Don't ditch your retinoids or at-home exfoliants just because it's summer!  The extra exfoliation is on your side for keeping your skin clear and glowy.  With summer heat comes an increase in sweat and oil production, and we don't want any build-up of dead skin cells keeping that oil and dirt trapped in the skin!  Retinol helps to keep the skin healthy and produce more collagen, even in the summer!  Daily retinol like Face Reality Vitamin A Corrective Serum or SkinBetter Science AlphaRet is both acne-safe and sun safe!  Another must-have for summer-safe exfoliation is Face Reality Sal-C Toner.  This toner is an easy and affordable on-the-go way to unclog the pores, treat mild acne, kill bacteria, and dissolve oil on the spot.  Slip it into a travel spray bottle to take with you everywhere!  Face Reality also has the best face and body scrubs for treating acne while removing surface debris.  Remember, the secret to safely exfoliating in the summer is to make sure you are reapplying your spf every hour when outside and sweating/in the water, and every 2-4 hrs on an average day.

Sun damage

SPF is a no-brainer, but did you know two more key products communicate to the immunity and health of the skin as well as protect the skin's cells from further sun damage?  That's Vitamin C and Skin Brighteners (or, as I like to call them, "tyrosinase inhibitors.")  The quality of your Vitamin C matters, and if you are on a budget, I will always recommend investing in your Vitamin C first!  SkinBetter Science Alto and Alto Advanced offer the most comprehensive and highest-quality antioxidant and anti-aging protection for all skin types.  Skin Brighteners, like SkinBetter Science Even Tone, protect the skin's "tanning" function and help to lighten and prevent dark spots.  If you are looking for an excellent hybrid product that combines the power of Vitamin C with the brightening power of Tranexamic Acid, the AnteAgeMD Brightener is a favorite and is travel friendly!  Darkening of the skin is a natural protection mechanism of the skin; however, without topical skin support, over time, it can leave the skin in a state of stress and looking uneven and dull.  By using Vitamin C and a skin-brightening product, you help protect your skin's natural melanin function and health while maintaining an even and bright complexion.   Remember, you must use Brightening products twice a day, both morning and night, for them to be effective.  


I hope you loved these Summer Skin Tips, and don’t forget to book your appointment with me for a SKN WRKOUT to help keep your skin clear and glowy this summer! 

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